Mechanical processings

Mechanical processings

Tubesheets, baffles, flanges and heat exchangers parts

Our core business is machining and supplying of tubesheets and parts for energy, petrochemical and oil&gas industries. Our technical staff know-how, gained in many years, is the key to deal with mechanical processings of any kind of material for heat exchangers components even with weld overlay or cladded linings.

In addition to tubesheets and baffles, we can guarantee the machining of flanges, covers, headers, connections and also the first and final work of distributors. In particular we can do the following processings:


  • Tubesheets drilling up to 15xD
  • Drilling and milling in one set-up up to 2100x3000mm
  • Drilling up to ø3200mm in two set-up
  • Drilling headers with lenght up to 4000mm
  • Turning up to ø2000mm (ø3500mm by our partners)
  • Spokes on connections up to ø900mm
  • Contract work mechanical processings

Contract work mechanical progressings

The expertise gained in over forty years of activity, the skills of our technical staff and his constant retraining, allow us to deal with the most varied mechanical processings of turning, drilling and milling also for large components, on any kind of material and for a wide variety of industrial fields such as hoisting with machining of whinches and hooks, hydraulics with machining of pistons, cylinders and tanks, plastics with working of extrusion die heads and cooling rings.

We can also guarantee the mechanical processing of shafts and rollers, and even the machining of specimens for tensile and impact tests.

Moreover, we cooperate with qualified partners to provide complementary services such as 5 axis water jet cutting, laser cutting, welding overlay, deep drilling and the supply of raw materials in carbon steel, stainless steel and duplex.

Our products

Heat exchangers

  • Tubesheets and baffles
  • Aircooler
  • Headers
  • Flanges, connections
  • Cover


Others products

  • Stub-end
  • Quick-opening closures
  • Drums and hooks for hoisting devices
  • Shafts, cylinders, columns, pistons

Worked materials

We can work lots of different kind of material and pieces with weld overlay and cladded linings.

  • Ferrous metals

    • Carbon steels
    • Alloy steels
    • Stainless steels
    • Duplex steels
    • Superduplex steels
    • Cast iron

  • Non ferrous metals

    • Heat Resistant Super Alloys
    • Titanium
    • Cupronickel
    • Navalbrass e Brass
    • Alluminium
    • Zirconium

  • Polymeric material

    • PTFE