Our Company

Officina meccanica Puricelli

Our company, founded in 1964, can rely on a techincal staff made up of 12 specialized people working in a 1000m² covered area. We can perform mechanical processings with both manual and CN machines that allow us a great flexibility and an increased capacity to satisfy any specific needs of our customers coming from different industrial fields such as:


  • Petrochemical industry
  • Energy industry
  • Oil & gas industry
  • Siderurgic industry
  • Plastics plants


The acquired expertise and our customer care allow us to offer a high quality service.

In particular our company works on small batches and single pieces using all the resources in an optimal way and with the specific goal to manage daily challenges with enthusiasm and technical skill toward ever more challenging, exciting and demanding tasks .


These factors, in over forty years of activity, have led us to play an important role in mechanical processings for several sectors of industry, and then to become a leading company in machining of heat exchangers’ parts.

Our structure

Working spaces

  • Covered area: 900m²
  • Offices: 60m²
  • Magazzino interno: 100m²
  • Outdoor area: 500m²

Company organization

  • Owner: eng. Samuele Puricelli
  • Founder: Mr. Angelo Puricelli
  • Safety manager: eng. Samuele Puricelli
  • Factory supervisor: Mr. Ettore Ceriani
  • Workmen: 12 people with 40 years average age.